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If you have a structure for which you would like to make modifications or additions, we can assist you by analyzing the structure to assess its performance and to qualify its potential and acceptability for the modifications you envision.  If you are considering purchasing a structure with uncertain performance characteristics, we can assess this for you and qualify it for soundness, stability, and its potential for your intended use.  This can include visual and non-destructive forensic evaluation of the structure’s condition.  You can then use this information to make your decisions concerning the structure.  If needed, we can further assist with the design work required to transform the structure into a building suited to your needs and the one you envision.

Integrity Design Services can also provide you with structural engineering services not necessarily related to direct project design.  We are also poised to provide you with Independent Technical Review Services (ITR), to assist with the independent reviewing and critiquing the structural designs of others whom you have previously engaged for direct engineering design.  These reviews can range from simple constructability reviews, to full-blown design analysis reviews with reports, as required by circumstance, or mandated by your contract requirements.