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While heavy mechanical engineering may not be typically associated with structural design, our prior professional experience with this area can be brought to serve you also.  We are specially poised to help with custom, heavy mechanical handling equipment, including conveyors (both floor and overhead), downenders, upenders, tilt tables, pushers, carts, stands, transfer tables, runout tables, quench tanks, and others – including foundations for all of these.  Any of these can be designed to utilize either pneumatic (air), hydraulic (oil), or electric operators.  Structural Services & Solutions can also design custom storage racks for you, either stationary or powered.  For any of these equipment items, through our engineering partnerships, we are also able to include the design (and fabrication) of hydraulic and pneumatic power and control systems, and electrical and electronic control systems, including SCADA systems, with our PLCs integrated with your RTUs through Modbus and TCP/IP communication protocols.

Another specialty area in which we can serve you is the design of below-the-hook lifting devices, including spreader bars and booms, strongbacks, lifting frames, and special hooks, jigs, and fixtures.