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Quality. Capability. Professionalism.


To do our best to serve our client’s needs with excellence, accuracy, and integrity.

Integrity Design Services, Inc., was established in 2000 in Decatur, Alabama, as a locally owned and operated drafting service with three employees. We have since grown through the years in both size and capabilities to become a full-service design center. Now, through our recent combining of capabilities with Structural Services & Solutions, LLC, we can offer professional consulting engineering services to further enhance our ability to serve you with all your engineering and design needs. Integrity has now grown to be one of the most successful engineering support service firms in the Tennessee Valley, with offices in Trinity, Alabama, and project support reaching around the globe.

Our current staff includes one staff professional engineer, and a team of skilled designers and technicians, with a combined total of over 200 years of experience in providing the best in engineering support services.  Through the use of the very latest technologies in CAD, structural analysis, and 3D modeling software, our team has worked with clients from North Alabama to Bagram, Afghanistan, to Shanghai, China, designing solutions to project needs, and transforming their rough ideas into quality working plans.  Additionally, our alliance with qualified outside consulting engineers in other design disciplines allows us take on multi-discipline engineering designs to help you meet all your engineering needs.

Also, through our strategic alliance with our sister company, CB Fabrication, LLC, and other local vendors with whom we have a long history, we can provide complete design/build turnkey solutions for many of your mechanical and structural fabrication needs.

Integrity provides structural engineering and design services for new and modified/renovated buildings of all sorts (steel, concrete, wood or timber), pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB), foundations, pipe racks, retaining walls, environmental structures (basins, flumes, pits), cranes (overhead, gantry, jib) and runways, tanks, bins, and many other types of structures.  We can also provide heavy mechanical engineering and structural engineering services for mechanical handling equipment and storage racks.  Integrity has worked with industrial, commercial, institutional, military, government, architectural, and residential clients throughout the greater Tennessee Valley area.

Our service-oriented stance will provide you with the three dimensions of engineering and design service, which you need and expect: quality, capability, and professionalism.  In short, Integrity specializes in taking your idea from your head and putting it in your hands!  We do this by exercising our capabilities in two primary areas:

  • Through our engineering, design, and design-build capabilities, and
  • Through our shop fabrication capabilities

We would love to help you successfully realize your project needs. Call on us today, and let us show you how we can help!