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Quality. Capability. Professionalism.


“I have nearly 30 years of experience as an engineer in the auto industry. If you are involved in a manufacturing facility you know as well as I how frequently “crash and burn” projects materialize that require excessive man-hours to gain quality results. Fortunately I have been blessed to have Brad Campbell and his staff at Integrity Design to assist me in those crucial times. Integrity Design also provides assistance with long term projects that involve detailed planning and meeting error-free timelines.

I can honestly say that Integrity Design has NEVER failed me. They have always met and typically exceeded my expectations. I cannot think of a better name to describe this company than Integrity Design.”

Monty Cross, Inteva Products
“Integrity Design is the one place we can go to get everything we need to help us run our business. We can give them a call anytime, and immediately they’re right there providing the services that we need in the timeframe that we request. They are truly an organization with the utmost morals, values, and most importantly - integrity”
Todd Green, Delphi Automotive Systems