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At Integrity Design, we have an extensive knowledge of safety guarding and ergonomic solutions to unique safety problems.  We are able to not only design solutions for your problem areas, but we can also build and install the equipment to provide our clients with turnkey answers.

Providing a safe work environment is not only essential in today’s industrial market, but it’s also the right thing to do.  Our design staff and fabricators have worked with Health & Safety personnel from a broad realm of manufacturing sectors in successfully addressing a number of ergonomic and safety issues.  Whether it’s a custom machine guarding arrangement, an ergonomic hoist attachment, or a simple redesign of a workstation for more ergonomic processes and workflow, our staff has the experience and expertise to apply smart solutions to those hard-to-solve safety problems.

At your request, we can even provide you with a 3D-model rendering of the final product before approval and manufacture.  This gives our clients the ability to visualize exactly what the final solution will look like before deciding to proceed with the final product.