David Anderson

David W. (Dave) Anderson, the design principal, has over thirty years of broad experience in the engineering, project management, program management, and construction fields, having provided structural and heavy mechanical engineering solutions to clients in the commercial, industrial, and governmental spheres. He is a licensed professional engineer in five states and a nationally-certified structural engineer. He has utilized his engineering abilities in arenas from as far afield as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Vietnam, and Thailand to as nearby as the Tennessee Valley.

Mr. Anderson began his structural engineering career with the Alabama Highway Department (now the Alabama Department of Transportation – ALDOT) in Montgomery, Alabama, where as one of his efforts he wrote a computer analysis program to analyze the multi-story bridge piers then being used in the design of the interchanges on Birmingham’s I-459 corridor. This program, utilizing slope-deflection relationship routines, was one of the first dedicated analysis programs of its type in the world.

Mr. Anderson then served the Division Automation Engineer at Wolverine Tube Division of UOP, in Decatur, Alabama. One of the largest automation efforts which he directed led to the development of a fully-functioning, large-tube, 500HP bullblock that was capable of being attended by only one operator. The novel development of several new support machines made this the first of its kind in the world, and it still sets the standard for tube-drawing productivity today.

Mr. Anderson became a career missionary in the 1980s, receiving his Master of Divinity degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as a missionary in Bangkok, Thailand, where he continued to practice his structural engineering skills by providing engineering designs for new and renovated buildings for the local mission and for the Thai Baptist Association. He also provided engineering and constructability reviews of project proposals submitted to the Vietnamese Mission manager. However, his most enjoyable engineering experience while there was the opportunity he had for several years to teach an introductory “principles and practices of engineering” course to civil and structural engineering students at the prestigious Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus.

Since his return to the United States, Mr. Anderson has worked with D&S Consulting Engineers in Decatur, Alabama, assisting industrial and commercial entities in the Tennessee Valley with structural and light civil engineering solutions. He has also worked with AJT Associates and SEI Group. While with SEI Group, Mr. Anderson worked as the structural/civil-group design lead on the company's engineered design services (EDS) contract with Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA-MSFC). Later, Mr. Anderson worked with Crafton Tull Sparks & Associates in Birmingham before returning to SEI Group as the company's principal engineer and engineering manager.

In 2010 Mr. Anderson formed Structural Services & Solutions, Inc., a small engineering firm serving primarily the structural engineering market, but also helping to meet the needs of the heavy-mechanical engineering sector.  After three successful years in this endeavor, Mr. Anderson, and Brad Campbell, of Integrity Design Services, Inc., decided to join their company forces and capabilities to better provide for the expanded engineering market in the Tennessee Valley area, and beyond.

Brad Campbell

With over 25  years experience in the construction, design and engineering fields, Brad Campbell heads up the managerial and operational roles at Integrity Design Services, Inc.

Mr. Campbell received his Associates in Applied Science Degree in Design Drafting Technology while already working for D&S Consulting Engineers. He has received additional specialized training in Basic CADpipe P&ID Software, At-A-Glance Advanced AutoCAD, Systematic Layout Planning (Richard Muther & Associates) and Focused Factory Facilities (Richard Muther & Associates). He keeps all training up-to-date and relevant.

During his tenure at D&S Consulting Engineers, Mr. Campbell became very experienced in drafting, detailing and design. Mr. Campbell designed material handling systems, machine cell layouts, concrete foundations, , operator platforms, and work fixtures. . He also served as the company’s CAD Manager/System Administrator for six years during which time he managed electronic backups, archives and organized file structure for their multi-terminal network. He also conducted in-house AutoCad training for other staff, for AutoCAD releases 9-14.

Mr. Campbell headed up a committee to develop a company drafting standards manual, and worked as a project manager, which served as a stepping stone for further professional development.

Mr. Campbell has spent several months (combined time) on special assignments for Delphi Steering Systems – first in Shanghai, China, where he provided design support for two joint-venture plant layout projects , and later in Dayton, OH, where he participated in numerous planning workshops for the implementation of lean manufacturing principles in U.S. plants as well as abroad.  His work with Delphi was so successful his clients followed him from one company to another.

In 2000, Mr. Campbell created Integrity Design Services, Inc. He acts as the President and General Manager, overseeing all day-to-day operations. In 2013, he joined forces with David Anderson of Structural Services and Solutions, LLC. Their combined expertise allows them to greatly increase the engineering services available to their clients and potential clients.